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Why use ecofriendly shopping bags?

Why use ecofriendly shopping bags and where to buy natural jute bags in India online

Say no to plastic. More and more plastic waste is clogging rivers, polluting the oceans, and even harming the lives of animals. Most of them are polyethylene bags that take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Faced with this situation, using ecofriendly shopping bags is the best thing we can do for the planet and future generations.

In addition, it is a long-term commitment to get used to changing our habits , since, in many cities around the world, plastic bags can no longer be delivered to consumers, so everyone will have to carry a reusable bag to carry there for your purchases.

That is why we dedicate this post to motivate you as a user or consumer, to use and buy ecofriendly shopping bags. Now, we give you 9 reasons why you should know that ecofriendly bags are much better.

9 Reasons to use ecofriendly shopping bags

1. They take care of the environment and reduce pollution

A large amount of oil and natural gas is produced in the production of plastic bags. Of the billions of plastic bags used each year, only 1% is recycled.

In addition, by using only ecological bags, we avoid sending more plastic waste to the ocean and protect the life of species.

The bags made with 100% organic materials are based on the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle. Unlike polyethylene, they are designed to be used many times over several years. Therefore, they help reduce the pollution of single-use plastic bags, take care of the environment and educate future generations.

2. Its cost, you will save money

Although recyclable bags tend to cost more than plastic ones, they last much longer.

Just one eco-friendly bag can be used more than 200 times, so you would be saving yourself from buying 200 plastic bags. Therefore, they are an excellent long-term investment.

3. They are more resistant and durable

Depending on the type of bag and the fabric with which they are made, ecofriendly bags made from jute or cotton can be from 3 to 10 times more resistant than a plastic bag. Plastic bags are often flimsy and tear easily. This is because they are not made to carry heavy loads or be used more than once.

On the other hand, the jute bags can resist the weight without problems and can be used several times without fear of breaking. This is thanks to the fact that they are made with stronger materials that prolong their useful life. Also, the probability of a leak is very low.

4. Easy to store, you will save space

In all houses, there is a space for plastic bags in the kitchen or in the pantry. And with each purchase, they are more, so they end up taking important space at your home.

These types of ecofriendly bags are very easy to fold and store. You can keep your Jute or cotton tote bag in your backpack, purse or car for use at any time, or easily store them at home.

5. Multifunctional, you can use them in different occasions

Reusable bags aren’t just useful for grocery shopping. They also serve to load anything in a comfortable and simple way.

You can find bags with a special format to carry bottles. Some made of soft fabric to store your notebook, and many with great prints and designs so you can use them in your day to day life. Forget unsightly plastic bags and start using jute bags today.

6. They have style, they are trendy, they are ecofriendly shopping bags

Thanks to awareness campaigns, many people and companies in the world have chosen to use reusable bags, which has become a fashion. And it is that, as we have said, they are beautiful, resistant, friendly to the environment and take care of our pocket. And, the best of all is that many of them have the possibility of being personalized, and do it with your own design and to your liking.

7. Hygienic, easy to clean

We don’t know where the plastic bags were before they touched our products or food, maybe they could be full of bacteria. And it is that, unlike reusable bags, the only care and use is given by us, so we will always know if they are clean or not.

The ecofriendly cotton bags are also easy to clean and wash. We can even wipe them with a damp cloth and it will be as good as new.

8. Freshness and natural bags

Cloth and net bags are usually made of cotton, which allows the freshness of fruit and vegetables to be maintained, as well as some foods such as bread, so that they last longer with quality.

9. Effective advertising

Betting on your business to use ecological bags is to ensure effective advertising from the time they go out and start walking around. Which will benefit you with continuous advertising of your brand, wherever they are.

Your design and logo will be walked the streets countless times. These products are made to last and be reused for years. In addition to this publicity, your brand will benefit from the positive reinforcements that are associated with the values ​​of sustainability.

Where to buy these ecofriendly shopping bags

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